Monday, April 22, 2013

All Good Stuff

So, the good news is that my mom is doing much better.  It was a heart attack, and she had some pretty decent blockage in a couple spots.  Two stents later, and she's on her way to recovery.  It was a scary time, and it definitely made us appreciate the Easter holiday a little more.

The boys had an absolute blast.  We went up to the Lake House, and the Easter bunny kindly found us there.  There were pretty excited.  Dawson wasn't impressed with the Easter bunny's egg hiding skills, though.  "Mommy, next year the Easter bunny needs to hide the eggs better."  Noted.

My mom helping Wesley color some eggs

Dawson and I working the eggs

4 boys, 19 months apart.  YIKES. AND - the 5th one wasn't there that day.  Seriously, YIKES.
We also celebrated David's birthday a couple weeks ago.  He's 30-something these days.  The boys were a little bummed that David elected for birthday brownies, rather than birthday cake, but oh well.
Apparently they love those goofy faces!
And because this blog didn't exist back in the day (fine, it existed, I just completely ignored it!), here's a throw-back photo of the boys from the beginning of February 2012.  It is probably one of my favorite photos of them.  Ever. 
Slays me every time I see it.  The grins!  Wesley's baby face and long hair!  D's arm around him!  /Dead/

 It feels good to have all good things to say.  Oddly enough, I've revived this once book-centric blog without a single book post.  I don't think I've actually read a single new book in the last month - not since the Cleopatra one I briefly mentioned but never actually reviewed (hint: it wasn't that good).  I'm in such a book rut, I just started re-reading It by Stephen King.  And I totally got spooked reading it last night, too...

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