Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's New, It's Cool

I don't know why it surprises me so much that something that was cool when I was a kid has come back with such a vengeance, but really...I would have never thought that the Ninja Turtles would be one of those things.  Even crazy...I actually LIKE watching it (gasp!).  Seriously.  Mainly because it's so witty - that darn Michelangelo has the best one-liners.

As a result, the boys are obsessed.  Most of Wesley's birthday presents were Ninja Turtle-related, and we just went shopping yesterday to buy Dawson more clothes (kid is growing like a weed and didn't have any shorts and only a few t-shirts), and he ended up getting 2 Ninja Turtle shirts for himself, plus he picked out one for Wes.

I was all set to post some pictures of my boys in their Turtle gear, but blogger hates me and won't let me upload anything booo!

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