Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Donkeys have souls too - The Amazing Race

Wow, two things that I love most in the world collided on Sunday night: donkeys and The Amazing Race.

I just started watching the Amazing Race religiously two season ago - and only because football kept running late and it was cutting into Cold Case time. I got pretty sucked in, though, and started DVRing the re-runs that are shown at 2 am on the Game Show channel. Anyway, so the point of this whole story is that I am a huge spoiler fan - every season I've watched, I've read spoilers about in the beginning (including last year's All-Stars - boy was I sad when Rob and Amber were eliminated right away, and when Dustin and Kandice didn't win!). After I watched Sunday's episode yesterday (I heart DVR), I immediately went online to look for spoilers! Yeah, I'm good like that. Fortunately, I didn't look very hard, and I didn't find any. Whoo-hoo! My name is Beth, and I have been Amazing Race spoiler free for 3 days.

Anyway, so I thought I should put my predictions/thoughts out there, so that way when the race is done, I can say "I so knew they would win." Hopefully.

The teams this year are interesting, to say the least. My thoughts on the teams and the order I'd like to see them finish (oh, and I would have never remembered anyone's name if it wasn't for the CBS website):

Ari & Staella - So glad they were eliminated. Karma in the form of donkeys is always great!
Shana & Jennifer - Dustin & Kandice wanna-be's. I'd like to see them gone next.
Marianna & Julia - Not sure why, but they bugged me. Probably because they said they would use flirting to get their way. Flirting with who? There are no all male teams!
Kate & Pat - These two are very cute, but seriously. For some reason, I hate seeing older people on this show. Bitch!
(...I just realized that I want the three all female teams gone right away...I guess David is right, I do hate girls...)
Nicolas & Donald - The grandpa is a little amusing, but he's also wicked creepy. Just because he's from WI doesn't mean he scores extra points.
Ronald & Christina - It always drives me nuts to see people start out the first leg of the race so sickeningly supportive ("You could never disappoint me, Dad") and then watch it all go down hill (as the previews for next week show). Come on - you both know you are going to drive each other nuts, stop being so unrealistically sweet at first. We all know it will change soon.
Jennifer & Nathan - I was on the fence last night as to whether or not I wanted them to be the first to go. On one hand, they were bastards to the donkey, so it would have been nice to see them get theirs. On the other hand - these two were made for my TV! Thank you CBS - I seriously love that one of the first things we see of these two was Jennifer announcing he's a cheater. And then all of the fighting! It was glorious!

And my final four (because I can't narrow it down to three) would be...
Kynt & Vyxsin - First of all - really? You had to use "Goth" names even? I'd be interesting in learning their real names, because I'd wager money those aren't it. Whatever. They annoyed me from the second they got on my screen. The make-up, the fact that I couldn't tell which one was the guy...ick. Then, a weird thing happened as I watched the show...they slowly started to grow on me. I may have even giggled when Kynt said "Oh my Goth." Granted, if this happens every episode, I'm going to get annoyed, but right now it's amusing, and I'm considering incorporating it into my daily vocab. I was really surprised at how well they did - they work together pretty well (thus far) and didn't get over-emotional when things weren't going their way. I think this will be the surprise team.
Azaria & Hendekea - I don't have a ton of opinion on these two - I think they are cute, and they both seem very level-headed and smart. I think these two will end up making good decisions.
Lorena & Jason - Hi Colin Farrell! Oh, wait, that's not Colin Farrell? Seriously, that's all I kept thinking as I watched the show. I really like this couple for some reason - I think they are going to provide a lot of drama for the season, but hopefully will let it work to their advantage. I see them like a Collin and Christie.
Rachel & TK - This is the team that I'd like see win it all! And my reasoning is ridiculous. It's pretty much because I barely remember them in the episode. No drama? No donkey issues? This could be a good sign. Working well together...what a novelty.

Of course, there has only been one episode. Perceptions will definitely be changed as the weeks go on (heck, probably even next week)! I'm excited to see who wins...

...and so far do not plan on going hunting for spoilers again...

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