Monday, November 12, 2007

So...God doesn't care who wins reality races?

Hey, did I mention last week how happy I am that The Amazing Race is back? I did? Oh.

Last night's episode was awesome. I love how CBS casts these things. Seriously, how surprising is it that Ronald is crazy psycho? I knew he was a weirdo last episode. People all thought he was the cute old man type, but I knew he was a few cards short of a full deck. I couldn't believe how he kept going off on Christina. Girl did not stand up for herself. I probably would have throat punched him when he made the comment about her needing to lose weight.

The BQ Wanna-be's were able to redeem themselves somewhat this episode. They weren't too annoying, they worked fairly efficiently, and the one that had to do the pole vaulting (no idea which one - I can't tell them apart to save my life) did it with minimal complaining. The same can't be said for Jennifer of Nathan & Jennifer. Holy annoying. The only reason I want to keep them around is because they create good drama (not crazy drama like Ronald).

The Goths - yeah, I'm still liking them. Their make-up looks a hot mess at the end of the runs, but they really work well together and are pretty quirky and funny. Funny how judging from the first few seconds of the first episode I thought they'd be one of the first teams to go, and now I'm rooting them on.

Yay for Jason and Lorena winning the leg! I like them for some reason. I'm really torn between them and TK and Rachel for my favorite team. Lorena's breakdown in the preview for next week look awesome - holy hot mess!

In the end, it was the Lesbian ministers that got the boot from the race. Not really all that surprising, although they did really grow on me this episode. But really, when you have two ministers state that they don't have any illusions about God wanting them to win the race, I knew they'd be all right in my book.

Next week - please go home Ronald/Christina or Sisters. Pleeease!

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