Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bad, bad ears

So it turns out my sick kid is really Kid With an Ear Infection, Volume 3.  Wesley officially has the worst ears.  Ever.  Ok, maybe not ever, but definitely in the history of the Henrys.  How bad are they?

When he was a baby, he got 5 ear infections within a 7 or 8 month period, so in June of 2011, both he and Dawson got tubes put in their ears.  Dawson has been 100% ear infection free since then.  Wes, not so much.

He did manage to make it until December 2011.  By Christmas Eve 2011, his ears were leaking gunk.  Like, running out of his ears grossness.  Ear infection, with tubes?  Check.  A couple months later, we took him to the ENT doc, and discovered that both of his tubes had fallen out.  Ugh.  Two weeks later, Wes had an ear infection.  Double Ugh.

He had two more after that, back to back in May & June.  You know, the summer months when kids aren't supposed to get them.  So, we had tubes put in his ears (again) AND had his adenoids taken out at the same time in July 2012.  Well, all was right in the world until about 3 weeks ago when we took the boys in to the ENT for the 6 month check-up.  Oh yes, that's right, we discovered that both tubes were once again out of his ears.  Awesome.

And, now here we are, less than a month later, and the kid has an ear infection.  In both ears.  And he was so, so miserable.  I didn't take him in until Wednesday, so he wasn't really back to himself until Friday.  Poor little man.

And when it comes to taking medicine, he's the worst.  Yesterday he knew it was time for medicine, and after telling us that he wasn't going to "cry...or whine...or cover my mouth" when taking his medicine, we lost him.  Wes was no where to be found.  We finally found him laying on our bed, face down, covering his mouth.  Punk!

On the plus side, he's feeling much, much better, thank goodness.

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