Friday, February 29, 2008

Answering an age old question...

Yes, that's right, I am using my blog to answer an age old question - if a Killer Whale and a T-Rex were to meet in a battle, who would win?

A few years ago (ok, it was in 2003) my friend Matt and I had this great debate. He was convinced that a T-Rex had powerful jaws that would be able to pick up a Killer Whale (much like a person bobs for apples) to kill it. I was convinced that a Killer Whale would be too large for the T-Rex and would get away no problem.

Fortunately, knew that we had this question, and quickly answered it for us**.
This is the T-Rex (that looks curiously like an alligator) approaching the tank of a killer whale (that looks curiously like a shark).
Oh no! And this is the alligator/t-rex picking up the shark/killer whale and devouring it! I would have never believed it to be true, if not for the logo on the image.

**Clearly, this is not from This is Matt's attempt to prove his point. But I have to admit, it was fricken hilarious to receive at the time. So I saved these ridiculous renderings for almost five years (sad...) until I wised up and decided to post them on the world wide web.

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