Friday, March 7, 2008

True Evil by Greg Iles

True Evil by Greg Iles
640 pages
Finished 3/1/08

Every time I read a book by Greg Iles, I think to myself, "That was pretty good. I should read his books more often." Then I promptly forget about him until the next time I am browsing the clearance section at Half Price Books (or, actually, in this case, when I am browsing the books at Goodwill - so cheap!).

True Evil is about an FBI agent named Alex who is haunted by her past and the recent death of not only her father, but her sister. Right before her sister dies, she tells Alex that her husband is the reason for her death. This leads Alex to do some research and find a divorce attorney who seems to be connected through business transactions to a number of clients whose spouses have all died. Alex reaches out to Chris Shepard, a doctor whose wife has just visited the divorce attorney - Alex fears Chris is the next target.

My biggest complaint about the book is that it read almost like a sequel. As I started reading, I wasn't sure if there had been a previous book that featured Alex, the way they were alluding to an accident that she had. It turns out that the author just wasn't great at revealing a story piece by piece - the writing is just a little too awkward.

I still liked the mystery behind the story, and there was a slight twist that I hadn't seen coming at the end, which always makes me happy.

Four stars.

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