Monday, March 10, 2008

BSC book buying spree!

So, the last few weeks I have been going on major book buying sprees. I decided that I need to complete my collection of The Baby-Sitter's Club. When I was a kid, I was beyond obsessed with those books - I read and re-read my copies about a million times. A bunch of moving around caused me to lose track of my books, until a few months ago when I finally found some in a storage room my mom had rented. Yay!

Except it turned out that I was still missing a ton of books. I figure that I used to have at least 1-40 (if not more), plus a bunch of the Super Specials, and a Mystery or two. I was able to find about 20 books total. I have no clue what happened to the rest of the collection (my guess is they were, something). Because I was missing so many, I made it my mission to buy BSC books.

I bought a ton off of Ebay - there are a lot of people selling them in lots, so I bought one or two. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I realized that Goodwill is a fricken GOLDMINE for BSC books. I made David take me to two of the three Madison Goodwills, plus when I was in EC visiting my mom, I drug her and my brother to four or five different bookstores trying to complete my collection. It was a blast. At one store, I was able to get eleven books for 50 cents each. Amazing. There is just something about bookstores...ah.

Anyway, once all was said and done a couple of weeks ago, I had 67 of the 131 Baby-Sitters Club books, plus a few more of the Super Specials and Mysteries. I basically made it my new goal to get at least the first 50 books in the series. As of Saturday morning, I was missing just 5 of the first 50. As of a couple of minutes ago, I am missing...uh...none. Seriously, I am moderately obsessed. I just bought the last one on and I bought the other 4 on Ebay the past couple days. And now I'm going to have to step away from Ebay for awhile, before I decide that I need to get the next 50 or something.

Oh, and in case anyone cares, this book was the first BSC book I ever read.

It is basically my favorite one ever. And I'm pretty sure I only picked it up in the first place because the girl's name was Stacey, and I always wanted that to be my name.

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