Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sept. 15 & 16

I went on a major reading binge the next few's the start...

How to Be Good by Nick Hornby
305 pages
Finished 9/15/07

Another Hornby book I found while looking for High Fidelity. These two books that I have read by Hornby are making me rethink my mission to find HF. Anyway, the main characters in this book were uninteresting and annoying, and I found that I didn't care for them at all. For the most part, I found myself skimming a lot of the book, hoping it would end. There were a couple parts that I actually that were very enjoyable, which gave me hope, but then it went back to it's wordiness. I had to force myself to finish it.

I gave it one and a half stars.

Mutation by Robin Cook
338 pages
Finished 9/16/07

I considered this book a nice, familiar read. You know what you are getting when you read a Robin Cook novel - they all seem to have the same formula, etc. It was a very fast read, and had a level of intrigue that I like - not so sure what's going to happen, but you know you'll get to it quickly.

I gave it three stars.

The Girl Who Talked to Ghosts by Dean C Young
322 pages
Finished 9/16/07

A true story about a family that purchases a house that was haunted. I found it at a used book store, and decided to buy it because it was only a dollar. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book was somewhat local - it takes place in Wisconsin, and all of the towns mentioned I am familiar with.

The story itself leaves something to be desired. The editing on the book is pretty bad - there are so many mistakes (particularly with quotations and paragraph indentation). It was a fast read - I read it while watching the Packers beat the Giants.

I gave it two stars.

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