Saturday, January 26, 2008

Desperation by Stephen King

Desperation by Stephen King
547 pages
Finished 1/21/08

A week or so ago, David and I were going to run into town and do some errands. Since we are had to go to Home Depot, the common compromise is to go to Half Price Books (yay!). I decided to take a look at my Stephen King collection, and pick up another book of his that I haven't read. I ended up writing about 6-8 books down before we left.

Turns out Desperation wasn't even on that list, but I knew right away I hadn't read the book. I really liked it - in typical Stephen King fashion, the story revolves around a ton of characters that all end up being pulled over and abducted by a crazy weird cop in Desperation, NV. The coolest thing about the book is that it looks like there is a bit of a sequel called The Regulators that was written by King's alter-ego, Richard Bachman. I can't wait to read that one, too.

Three stars.

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